Aranzazu Osoro's padel rackets, t-shirts and shoes

Who is Aranzazu Osoro? His history and greatest achievements


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Who is Aranzazu Osoro? His history and greatest achievements

Aranzazu Osoro Ulrich (06/03/1996) is a professional padel player who forms a couple with Victoria Iglesias. She is of Argentine origin and well known for her strong character and expressiveness on the court, she plays on the backhand and uses the Nox VK10 2023 racket.

Feel like Aranzazu Osoro: her best clothes, complements and accessories

For the 2024 season, Aranzazu has released a new shovel. The VK10 FUTURE maintains the round format and the rubber. This year Nox has opted for 12K aluminized carbon fiber finishes. Find the Vikinga paddle in Padel Pro Shop and control the game from start to finish.

Buy online the padel rackets Nox of Aranzazu Osoro

The player Aranzazu Ororo, as a Nox player, shows off the best products of the brand. From the most basic accessories such as protectors or overgrips to the best padel rackets and rackets. In her case, the Argentine player opts for the ML10 padel racket bag and Nox ML10 Hexa shoes.