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Who is Javi Garrido? His history and greatest achievements


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Who is Javi Garrido? His history and greatest achievements

Javier Garrido Gómez or Javi Garrido is a Spanish Padel player who forms a couple with Javi Rico. He plays backwards and uses the Starvie Tritón Pro padel racket. In 2021 he managed to be Champion of Spain. He has also played alongside Juan Cruz, Belluati and Martín di Nenno.

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Like other Starvie brand players, Javi Garrido plays with Asics brand clothing and footwear. If you are looking for his footwear, Javi Garrido's shoes are the Asics Resolution 9 Clay and if you are looking for his padel racket, the Starvie Tritón Pro 2.0 is the weapon of the “Garrido machine gun”. The t-shirts and game pants are also from the Asics brand, a leading brand in the world of sports.

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