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Who is Sanyo Gutierrez? His history and greatest achievements


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Who is Sanyo Gutierrez? His history and greatest achievements

Carlos Daniel Gutiérrez, better known as Sanyo Gutiérrez, is an Argentine padel player, one of the veterans of the World Padel Tour. Last season he has played in drive with Agustín Tapia although this season he has formed a partner with Fernando Belasteguín or Momo González. He is known as the magician of San Luis (in reference to the town where he was born) and as Abracadabra Gutiérrez. Sanyo signed with Siux in 2022, since then he has played with the Siux Diablo Revolution

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The Argentine player arrived at the Siux brand with an exclusive limited edition racket. After this first run, Siux would present the Siux Diablo, its first official gaming racket. Later, her clothing line would arrive exclusively with white and blue tones. Santo uses the Mizuno brand in footwear, also available at Padel Pro Shop.

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The Sanyo signature crowns the vast majority of Siux products under its name. Equip yourself with Siux clothing and its large-capacity padel racket bags. It culminates with the Siux Diablo Revolution II, a racket that has delighted regular padel players and that continues the path started by the Siux Diablo Revolution line.